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binh pham, BOD

Binh Pham

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Believing in Jesus through this Church since 1995, retired, married for 36 years 2 children, promoted to Grandpa for almost 3 years. My current ministry is Sunday school, administrator in training.

Strength: Love Jesus and fear God; Treat everybody equally; Task oriented & focus; Believe in simple solution for any situation; Straight forward personality.


Minh Phung

Minh Phung

BOD Director

Age : 53, Male.
Current occupation : Test Equipment Design Engineer.
My family includes my wife Sammy, and three daughters Jennifer, Jessica and Judy.

How I came to Christ – Years in Christ:

In November 2006, my wife and some of the church members convinced me to attend the church annual retreat camping at Ramona. After came back from the camp, I started going to the church Sunday worship with my wife and two daughters Jessica & Judy, After one year, I started involving some of the church service activities such as setup sound system, setup lunch service for Sunday worship.

In May 30th 2010, for the fifth time joining the Church retreats camp. I had accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior, and I was baptized on the camp.

I have been attending this church almost 7 years since November 2006. Currently I am a ministry leader team board member since January 2011. Beside that, I also joint the ministry service for the Sound System setup for all church activities.


Ben Trần

BOD vice

I’m in the Praise Team of the Church for more than 4 years with my all member os my family

I think that our Church needs more unity, less conflict among the Board members, in order to bring more love, peace and happiness to the Church.


Vịnh Phạm

BOD member
Van Dinh

Van Dinh

BOD member

Age : 50
Current occupation : Neuro Dx Technologist
Family: 1 wife, 2 children
How I came to Christ – Years in Christ : 8 yrs
I have been attending this church since: 12 yrs
Current ministry: eMinistry and Sound Team